In Session is a six-day virtual camp and digital space for women, nonbinary, and trans producers of color. The camp’s focus was to teach production techniques, music history, and overall industry education.

Timeline: 2 weeks
Vanessa Newman, Sam Law, JADALAREIGN
My Roles: Web Design/Branding/Merch Design

Music production has been a space that has been dominated by cisgendered men from its inception. We believed it was important to see our faces represented amongst the greats because we are. In Session was born as a space in which folx can share their art and/or equip themselves with knowledge of music production through easily accessed materials and working professionals.  
Our audience consisted of women, nonbinary, and transgender people of color who are interested in developing their experience within music production and finding those with like backgrounds, to connect over their passion for creating music.
My Roles
My responsibilities for In Session include: Designing and building the website, designing commemorative merchandise, and creating additional scheduling assets that were distributed through email communication.