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A Black and queer-led startup that uses AI to help
people make friends in their city. We’re redefining how people find belonging, through deepening stranger-first relationships for the next generation. Somewhere Good is a place for people to explore with others, we bring strangers together in hopes of fighting the loneliness epidemic of young adults intensified by the pandemic.

Case Study
Somewhere Good
Teammates: Annika Hansteen-Izora
My Roles: Brand Identity, Social Media Strategy & Design, Merch, Event Space Design
During my time at Somewhere Good, I took on the responsibility of managing the existing brand identity. At the time, the brand had a funky feel and included collage-like imagery with a focus on items that represented the interests of our users. It was playful and had a child-like curiosity and openness. As the company evolved, our focus shifted towards how we brought people together.
With the brand refresh, we aimed to maintain the warm and friendly tone that our audience has grown accustomed to while updating our look. We retired the nature background imagery, including the cloud and grass backgrounds, and changed the color palette as a nod to the past. The sky blue and bright green colors capture the brightness and friendliness of our brand while also paying tribute to our previous imagery.
Brand Refresh
Our photographic imagery has evolved to focus on people spending time together, engaged in activities that cultivate the growth of new relationships.